Instagram: Conoce a Harnaam Kaur, la mujer barbuda que sorprende en internet

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Instagram: Conoce a Harnaam Kaur, la mujer barbuda que sorprende en internet

Harnaam Kaur viene sorprendiendo en las redes sociales con cada foto que sube a su cuenta de Instagram. Tiene 24 años y se ha convertido en tendencia por ser conocida como La Mujer Barbuda.

No es una moda casual, sino que Harnaam sufre de un síndrome llamado Polycystic, enfermedad que hace que todo el vello del cuerpo crezca demasiado rápido.

En su cuenta de Instagram ella se describe como “Mujer barbuda y tatuada. Activista por la confianza corporal. Activista anti-bullying. Hermosamente diferente”. Algo realmente creativo para poder defenderse de todos los comentarios absurdos.

I am finally back home from Paris. I have met some amazing people on the streets. I have drank some amazing wine and champagne. I have eaten some fab food and deserts. I met some lovely lady street workers who loved my beard. I met some awesome people at Canal Plus and the interview went awesome. It is one of my favourite interviews ever. I can't believe just how big the show that i am in is, even the presenter (my interviewer) is a huge celeb out there. It was sooo much fun and i loved the audience. I hope to work more in Paris. I visited my modelling agency out in Paris, and everyone was just soo awesome; casting was fab too. Notre dame, moulin rouge, eiffel tower and other places that i saw made my heart flutter. I have always wanted to see the Eiffel tower ever since i was a child, it was a dream, so when i finally saw her, i cried. *Dreams do come true* The fabulous Daya toured with me everywhere and made my stay sooooo much fun. I Love Paris. Check out my interview with Antoine de Caunes on Canal Plus 12th November at 22.30pm! #harnaamkaur #harnaamkaurdoesfilm #beardedlady #beardedwoman #effyournorms #effyourstandards #effyourbeautystandards #effsocietiesnorms #bodyconfident #bodyconfidence #antibullyingshortfilm #antibullyingactivist #thequeenofhearts #thedame #plussizemodel #model #diversemodel #empoweringindianwomen #beardqueen #feminist #bigandblunt #paris #lutecehotelparis #lutecehotel #canalplus #thehair #antoinedecaunes #paristrip

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Video: The time i went to Paris, and cried when i saw the Eiffel Tower

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